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A Digital Doorway to Your Entire Online World

Grow your professional network with one tool. A virtual business hub to showcase who you are, how best to connect, and your top business resources.

Networking is Tough

Whether you’re a consultant, business owner, sales professional, or job seeker, it’s challenging to connect with others.

Why? Because you’re faced with too many choices.

  • What contact details should you share? Your email address, phone number, website, etc?
  • Which social media channels to choose?
  • How to distribute your business resources? Your scheduling link, newsletter signup, podcast, YouTube channel, etc?

If only there was a way to have everything about you and how you do business, all in one place.

There is: Introducing LetsConnect.me
An easy way to network virtually.

LetsConnect.me Is More Than Just a Digital Business Card

It’s also a virtual business hub that allows you to organize your key networking information.

Easily share your contact details, networking links, and top business resources with Call-to-Action buttons.

The perfect way to let your connections get to know, like, and trust you.

A Networking Tool for a Virtual World

The old way of doing business was handing out your business card in-person.

Unfortunately, traditional business cards aren’t much use in today’s COVID19 world.

With the reduction of live group events and less one-on-one contact, we need networking solutions that allow us to connect with others virtually.

Solve Multiple Problems with One Simple Solution

One location showcasing all the essential information about you and your business including video.

Your contact details, website links, social media platforms, calendar, scheduler, lead generation, and access to any online resource you wish to share.

Connections can save your contact information easily and error-free. No more business cards ending up in the trash.

You get to choose the button text and the target/destination for each custom Call-to-Action button.

How LetsConnect.me Works


Select your LetsConnect.me page and submit your information. The page will be live within 24 hours.


Invite connections to access your LetsConnect.me page using any method you prefer with your custom URL or QR code.


Connections can view your information and save your contact details directly to their device with just a few clicks, error-free, and no manual input required from them.

LetsConnect.me Recap

  • Create a professional first impression to help grow your network
  • Great for virtual and in-person networking
  • Unique marketing tool to increase traffic to your website, social media profiles, and essential business links
  • Display vital information about you and your business using a clean visual format
  • Embed a video that can be viewed on the page
  • Easy to share with others using a custom URL or QR code
  • Mobile friendly and looks great on any device
  • No app required to view, use, or share
  • Easy for others to save all your details error-free