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Product Features

Don’t be sidelined in todays new world of limited personal contact and growing virtual meetings. Share your online world with a simple QR code or custom URL.

Everything you want to share or pass on available in one location, captured and saved with just a few clicks.

No more wasted business cards or wondering if someone took the time to manually enter and save any, let alone all, of your information.

Promote Yourself With an On-Page Video

Nothing creates a more personal touch than video. Engage your contacts by letting them see who you are and what you have to offer. And why they should connect and/or work with you.

Premium plans allow embedding of a video hosted from Vimeo(pro), Loom(pro), Wistia, and Youtube. Or, possibly other hosting platforms that support embedding. Your contacts can view it on-page with your other information so they’re not sent somewhere else to be distracted and lost forever by other videos.

If you have a video (under 5 minutes) but no hosting service, we will host it for you if you’re subscribed to a Premium plan.

As a bonus, all plans include an optional short video to watch on your page welcoming your contacts to your LetsConnect.me page. As well as a brief overview on how to use, save, and share your page.

Bonus Welcome Video Included With All Plans

Link Your Own Video

Sharing Your Digital Business Card

Easily share with people you meet and prospective clients or customers in any environment. Whether in person, during a Zoom or other virtual meeting, email, texts, webpages, etc.

In person, show the QR code on your phone so they can scan with their mobile device camera. Just a few taps after scanning a QR code all the details are saved without them having to type anything.

For everything else: email your QR code, display on your website or other online environment, send in a virtual meeting chat or include in your Zoom background.

Use your QR code on printed materials you distribute. Such as promotional flyers, menus, invoices, receipts, etc. The sharing options are practically unlimited.

Much More Than Just the Obvious

Digital Business Cards give you one location, or doorway from which new acquaintances, clients, customers, or friends can access everything you have to offer.

Initiating a phone call, text, or email are the basics of any contact program. But there are practically no limits to what can be accomplished with custom Call-to-Action buttons.

Here’s just some of the possibilities:

  • Provide prospective employers a resume, CV & portfolio
  • Price lists or other online document
  • Online store
  • Calendar scheduling platform
  • Newsletter or freebie opt-in form
  • Payment platform
  • Video channel
  • Google My Business page

Call-to-Action Buttons in Action

Click below to see just a few of the possibilities you can accomplish with custom Call-to-Action buttons. You get to choose the button text and the target/destination for each button.

Click buttons below to display in the phone example.

Button Features

Choose From a Variety of Colors, or Your Custom Background.


Tap a color to see an example.

  • #1 Light Blue

  • #2 Blue

  • #3 Dark Blue

  • #4 Purple

  • #5 Brown

  • #6 Green

  • #7 Light Gray

  • #8 Gray

  • #9 Light Red

  • #10 Red

  • Custom Image

Scroll the window below to see various texture options for a single color background.
(only available with a paid subscription)

LetsConnect.me vs. the alternatives:

When comparing free plans*, some solutions offer a landing page with links but no way to share your contact details. Others can easily share your details but no custom URL or online presence to attract visitors or share what you have to offer.

The LetsConnect.me Free Forever plan is the best of both worlds with more functionality, more information, and more ways for you to share.

* comparison done 2020-10-01

Free Plan FeaturesUs#1#2#3
Website URLXXX-
QR codeX-XX
Call-to-Action buttons21no limit-
Headshot imageXXXX
Personal bioXX--
Contact emailX--X
Contact phoneX--X
Contact addressX--X
Social media icons3X-X
Email signature-X--
Color optionsXXX-
Analytics of views--XX